Fgreat is an Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Studio specialized in creating and producing beautifully crafted films and experiences that are exciting and memorable to their audiences.

With passion and strong attention to detail, we are committed to providing, at all times, a first-class service.

We’re bloody well organized, so we are engineered to achieve more with less through a stress-free process, working across our offices in Sao Paulo, London and Abu Dhabi, on environments maximized to pump up creativity.

Stretching our backs for our films and clients whenever necessary.

We are on your side


Our mission is to create Wow. To excite.

To make hearts skip a beat.

To find the right way to tell each story, to craft our films with unique visuals, that will push the boundaries of storytelling.

To go to sleep at night knowing we did our best.

That we gave everything.

This is what puts a smile on our faces.

We create wow!


Briefing . Research . Brainstorm . Idea . Moodboard . Script . Storyboard . Concept Frames . Pre-visualization . Production

To avoid bad surprises, we designed a creative process that we follow for every project no matter how big or small.

Our team of artists, storytellers and filmmakers works throughout every step of this creative route.

Each stage is a moment to discuss and think about the film, and each one of these professionals can add to the final product, complementing each other’s ideas.

By working closely and approving key steps with the client, we also promote a pipeline that results in peace of mind and great films.

This process has allowed us to cultivate an environment where creativity flourishes, allowing us to focus on always moving forward with our projects without compromising on costs or deadlines.

No nasty surprises,
no steps back,
no compromises.

Our Clients

Established in 2011, We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our honest approach.

We have developed long lasting relationships with all our clients, from large museums and art institutions, to global agencies and corporations.

For them, we challenge ourselves to remain at the forefront of technology and constantly push the borders of imagination and creativity.

No matter the challenges faced during the production, we praise ourselves for always delivering a film that goes beyond our client’s expectations.