Christie’s – Edward Hopper

3d Animation Edward Hopper

For the 20th Century Week auctions in New York, we produced this film to explore an enigmatic work of art. Commissioned by Christie’s, the film analyses ‘Chop Suey’ (1929) by Edward Hopper, investigating the two women sitting at a table.

‘Together but strangely isolated,’ we hear this robust voice saying. We observe the details of the painting and how Hopper played as much with color and light as he did with mood.

We are guided through a journey in time, passing through iconic Hopper’s masterpieces, helping us to understand the phycological dramas pictured by the artist in a time of significant social changes in the United States.

The trailer also tells about the influence film noirs had on Hopper’s work and how then different film directors returned the compliment with references to Hopper style in different blockbuster movies.