Dubai’s New Year’s 2023

Dubai’s New Year’s 2023

For the third time, we had the opportunity to create and produce the animation and music track for Dubai’s New Year’s Eve show, displayed on the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

The challenge was to create a show that could go above and beyond expectations, a visual feast for 10 straight minutes, syncing and coordinating all 5 elements of the show – Music, animation, fireworks, lights and the dancing fountain – collaborating with companies around the Globe.

Emaar is a fantastic client, and under the guidance of Emaar’s team, we had creative freedom for the script, music and visuals.
Our experience with the Burj Khalifa and great passion for this project allowed us to push everything beyond.

This year’s theme was how the measure of time impacts and dictates our lives, routines, celebrations and human evolution throughout the ages.
The beginning of a new cycle calls for us to celebrate the past and face the new year with a positive mindset, full of goals and desires.
In addition to being an experience for the local audience, it is also a universal show for all cultures around the Globe.

Once again, we had the fantastic composer Dom Jones working on the musical direction and creation of the soundtrack with musicians from the BBC Philharmonic.

The result was seen by an estimated live audience of 100,000 people and over one billion viewers watching the live broadcast through News Channels!