Nissan – COP21 – Vehicle to grid technology

3D Animation Film

Working with the award-winning PR and marketing agency Ketchum, we set up to create a 100% CG film highlighting the idea behind the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology that Nissan is piloting in their electric fleet.

Using an informative tone, Fgreat brought to life in 3D the zero-emission car that is able to use the electricity stored for re-supplying energy to the electricity grid and in this example, providing energy back to a Ferris wheel blackout.

Nissan’s V2G technology is presented as environmentally friendly solution to renewable energy.

The video was showcased in France at COP 21, the 21st UN Conference on Climate Change, an event the Renault-Nissan Alliance was an official partner.

A challenging project, a race against time to successfully deliver in only 3 weeks an array of content that advertises, engages and raises awareness of the need for a greener and better world.