Philadelphia Museum of Art – The Core Project

FGreat was honoured to produce this emblematic film for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The aim was to highlight the importance of the institution as the cultural heart of a great city and explain the major renovation that will transform the layout of a historic building. The project designed by the Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry will not only open new routes to visitors but also expand the galleries and revive many of the museum’s features.

The FGreat team went to Philadelphia to gather testimonials from all those passionate about the museum, its history and the opportunities that the renovation will bring. We filmed the interviews and wrote a script to reflect in a dynamic, attractive and natural way the importance of this moment for the PMA.

3D animation was used to show the impact of the renovation in different rooms and galleries, giving the audience a taste of how the museum will look like and details of the improvements.

A film that shows how the Philadelphia Museum of Art is reinventing itself for its 2nd century keeping its roots and the bond with the community.