In 3 continents, through different teams and collaborators, Fgreat has been working with Sony PlayStation for over a decade.

From when we started, having the lifetime pleasure of animating Sackboy until the latest PSVR2 campaign, working for PlayStation has always been an honour and a challenge.

Over the course of 2022, we collaborated with PlayStation’s team to come up with unique visuals that showcase the outstanding new and upgraded features of PSVR2.

From the pitching stages, We held weekly meetings with the PS team, where almost a hundred concept frames were presented and discussed.
Our goal was to offer a variety of ideas for each feature, and our challenge was understanding how to best represent each of those concepts inside Sony’s already established PS5 style.

We managed to land five features – 3D Audio, 4K HDR, Inside Out Tracking, Play Area and Headset feedback.

This ad was the first in the PSVR2 global launch 🚀

The concept was also designed to be used on the campaign’s official website; you can check it out here:

The result was outstanding!

With the campaign, PlayStation consolidates its leadership and reinforces its positioning as the place for players.