Royal Academy – Abstract Expressionism

Royal Academy 3d animation film

We were thrilled to create this astonishing promotional film to launch the Royal Academy exhibition of the year Abstract Expressionism.

The remarkable show is a successful reunion of provocative and exciting artists, who haven’t been exhibited together since 1959.

Creativity was key to overcoming the challenge of producing a film without revealing any of the artworks on display at the gallery.

Our inspiration came from Jackson Pollock, the most well-known Abstract Expressionist painter. Simulating in CG his famous ‘drip painting’ style, colourful and intense paint is poured onto canvases that show the name of the artists who were part of an unparalleled period in American Art.

The piece has its rhythm set by a lively soundtrack. The content itself expresses the dynamism found in radical creations of major figures, works that represented an evolution of 20th-century art.