Sotheby’s – Lewis Chessman

3d animation film

The return of a missing piece in this tale of wonder and survival that has captivated and amazed generations. Found in 1831, in the Isle of Lewis (Scotland), the Lewis Chessmen consists of an elaborately set of figures, the majority carved from walrus ivory.

Of the 93 pieces known until now, 82 are in the British Museum and 11, in Edinburgh at the National Museum of Scotland. The whereabouts of the five remaining pieces was a mystery. Until now.

Using animation, FGreat was invited to tell this fantastical story of power and secrecy that has inspired many creative works around the world. Reconstructing the façade of The British Museum, where the majority of the chess pieces are placed, we present the hoard, narrating the different tales that surround these enigmatic figures.

The film was commissioned by Sotheby’s to mark the first time that one of the chessmen has ever come up for sale at auction.