Tik Tok – Make A Wish

Tik Tok – Make A Wish

How to approach a celebration experience for one of the largest global brands, displayed at the tallest building on this planet?

TikTok invited us to create and produce its yearly recap film for the second time.

A fantastic experience at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai on New Year’s Evening.

The idea for the three-minute show was to create stunning on-branding visuals using a mix of live-action, motion graphics and Tiktokers content to showcase the year’s campaign highlights and reinforces brand values and goals for the platform.

The shooting happened in London, under the direction of the fantastic Nic Cornwall and over 20 artists.

The visuals featured gaming, cooking, sports, tourism and music videos from Middle Eastern and Northern African TikTokers.

All shaped into Burj Khalifa’s unique framing.It was an awesome and fun show, and the result was shared by users all around the globe.